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25, Reason Why?

25 is a very tricky age to be. You aren’t that young nor are you that old. You find 21-year-old college students too young, while your 30-year-old colleague is a little old for you. And there you are, perfectly balanced at the brink of a quarter life crisis.

25 is probably the age where you are still unsure if your dependent college life was better or this newly independent life is more charming. With your friends’ circle intermingling both academic and professional spaces, you probably get confused as to which was a more comfortable space to be.

25 is also the time when at least the first one from your batch is getting married or engaged and there you are still waiting for your crush to accept your friend request on Facebook. It’s also the time when nostalgia hits you hard and this dilemma crushes you hard, that going back to a dependent academic life would never be the same. Well, conditions apply.

25 is also the age when you start understanding your real position in the social strata. You start getting self-conscious about where you come from and where you are. You start realising what you can achieve and what you can dream about. At an academic level, things were probably level amongst your friends. But once you grow up, you realise, it’s not just about similar interests, it’s also about accessibility and the cultural capital that you inherit. And it’s at this age, where either you repent about being where you are or work towards being the better version of what you were expected to be.

25 is also the time, when willingly or unwillingly things start getting grey. And it starts from the hair. You have had your colourful days, you have had days when things were black and white. But when things turn grey, no fake colour can cover it. Things are fun when you are either under age or over age. But right age, that’s always a myth.

25 is also the time when your savings dilemma is at the core. You might just earn enough to lead a life you want to. But do you earn enough to save. It’s that phase of the life where even saving money hurts more than spending money. And at the end of the month, you are back to being a student again. But wait, a truck full of responsibilities just hit you.

25 is also the age where you are taken for granted the most at your work. You are past the age of an intern or trainee to listen to things but you are not senior enough to make others listen things.

Well, could have sure written about 25 things in total about turning 25, which I will be in less than 25 days. But I guess, 25 is also the age where you start losing a bit of patience.

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  • Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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