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Wish I could 'FLIRT'

I was in class VII, when I first came across the word ‘flirting’. (This apparently proves my weakness in vocabulary). Anyways, it was my friend Jyotirmoy who was talking about him flirting with a girl. As usual, an innocent me, asked, এই flirting মানে কি?Which apparently meant, ‘What does flirting mean?

What an apt description he gave, he said, it is an act of conveying someone that you love him/her verbally, though you hold no feelings for him/her by heart. Mind it, class VII we were, and we were already discussing how to fake love. That was good old 7 years back, in a phase of time, where at least love was not merely a matter of one night stand.

Over the time, Jyotirmoy did excel in the art of flirting on screen, no wonder, he is yet to score a girl, but he has surely excelled. This is an art, an art probably all of the cool dude modern guys surely have good hands on. But what I am more concerned about is actually described in the last part of the last line of the last paragraph. Has love at the present context become only a matter of one night stand and fake identities (added point).

I could never master this art of flirting, but over some period of time, I do have spent some of my precious time alongside some master flirters. It is very like conning a person at the first meeting. You meet someone, talk to him/her. Spread your charisma, impress him/her, take the momentarily pleasure, and then call it an end.

The question that arises in my mind is that, has human emotions become so cheap that we can’t even allow it to sustain for at least some time. My opinions might look a bit stereotypical. But the fact is, today we enter a phase where, emotions just remain a play tool, and practicality and enjoyment becomes a vital part of the life style. Like it’s a taboo for me to stand along some guys discussing serious topics, while others are busy engaging themselves with girls. It has so become a part of our culture.

The conclusion here comes, people who can’t flirt and enjoy others flirt, are just jealous, just as I am. And what we do, is put it across a label of awkwardness and indecency, and feels satisfied. Well, definitely times have changed. Flirting from an art has evolved as a social requirement. And if you don’t have it in you, it’s high time you acquire it or learn it.    
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