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Photo Story:Dogs Make Me Happy

So last week I stumbled upon the news of this newly opened dog cafe, Puppychino, which apparently is the first of its kind in Delhi. And naturally I was left very curious.

So to beat the stressful life, I decided that I should visit this cafe as soon as possible. And obviously, I was not at all disappointed. I must have been there for just half an hour, played with two dogs, a Siberian husky, named Simaba and a Labrador called, Bobo. In fact it was Bobo’s birthday on the day I visited and naturally, she was very excited. Not because she knew it was her birthday, but because she loved all the attention she got.

Let me cut this conversation short and get straight to the point. What I basically wanted to say is that dogs make me happy. And for the last three hours I was trying to figure out why? Yes, I have always liked them, but the experience with Simba and Bobo made me forget all my stress. I will not write anything further and just share moments of the day through pictures.      

Bobo, and as someone said, this is a TED Talk poster photograph. 
Our birthday girl was no short of intellectual poses. 
And then, she wore her birthday cap.

Then she tasted her cake!
Meet the other guest of the party, Simba
He is a majestic Siberian Husky 

Isn't he a cute baby?
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  • Thursday, April 21, 2016
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