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The Best Five Delhi Dabang Players from Pro Kabaddi Season 2

If you are a Dabang Delhi supporter, then the second season of the Pro Kabaddi league would have probably been satisfactory for you. The team was promising, showed spirit, but circumstances were such that the team could not make the semi-final cut. However there is a lot to take from this season as there are players who showed their brilliance on the ring, just failed to capitalize. Let’s here talk about five such players who were promising the this season and we should surely look upto them the next season.

Kashiling Adake: This top raider from Dabang Delhi truly made mark this season. With a total of 28 matches played and 227 raid points, the opposition be better beware of him, especially in the coming season; because he can’t just help getting better and better. He has a success rate of 41%, making him one of the deadliest weapons of Dabang Delhi.

Adake has also been an inspiration for all of us. There was one phase of his life, where he worked as a farmer, earning Rs 200 for eight hours. SAI rejected him when he appeared for trials of their kabaddi team. But nothing deterred his ambition and look at where he is today.

Rohit Chowdhury: Rohit is one raider which we should definitely talk about, considering the fact that he did brilliantly to replace Surjeet Narwal. He has played just 14 matches but has managed 61 raid points in total. Of his 178 total raids, 41 were successful while 91 happen to be empty.
Rohit has clearly showed his potential this season, hence we expect him to be on fire the next season.

G. S Manikanta: Must we also talk here about G S Manikanta, the wall of Dabang Delhi. Though he played just 9 matches, but he clearly showed his potential in it. He seems to be a big investment for the team and his potential must be unleashed in the next season.

Amit Chillar: Another player, who unfortunately was injured after the first match of Delhi Leg was local boy Amit Chillar. He is absolutely brilliant in defence. In 20 matches played, Chullar has 41 defence points. Dabang Delhi will have loads of expectation from him next season.

Ravinder Pahal: Last but not the least we must talk about the captain of the team Ravinder Pahal, who also happens to be the best defender of the tournament. 51% of his tackles were successful and in 23 total matches played, Pahal has managed 89 defence points. This season might not have been a great one for the captain, but the pool he has, has the potential of being the greatest team of the tournament.
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  • Friday, August 21, 2015
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