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Peace and the Beach (Photo Story)

A chaotic life deserves a peaceful weekend. Beaches have always been sign of peace for me, so has been the sea. The sound of the sea waves hitting the shore and the shrill wind brings calmness into you, which possibly cannot be defined in any language.

Mumbai is hectic, at least my college is. After 8 hours of classes and insane number of readings, sometimes you just wish to escape into some place where you can at least hear yourself. The fascination towards sea further exaggerates your desire to look for the inner peace, which is important for you remain sane. But in the cosmopolitan Bombay, do you have any place where you can find peace and the sea together?

I am new here. I had no idea, until this friend of mine informed me about Aksa Beach. A small and calm beach some 14 kms from Malad. And there I was exploring life, on this calm beach.

The following Photo Story narrates the tale of life.

    Peace and the beach

When you are kid, you are just carefree. Life is all about enjoyment, no burdens, no expectations.

The first complication arrives, you look for friends. Loneliness scares you. We all need friends. 

With friends, life is a game. You laugh and you enjoy. The life moves on fast. Just like the swinging bat. 

     Knowledge makes you stand up in the society. It makes you visible in the crowd, like the colour red. It gives you success, and it gives you peace. 

What next you need is love.

Like every good thing, life then comes to an end. 

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  • Sunday, July 05, 2015
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