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Rediscovering a Lost Habit

Of the millions things which is overdue, I resume this space from a new place, Mumbai. For sixteen years I complained about rains in Assam and the next five years about the heat in Delhi. And now, vivacious cycle, what the life is, and here I am complaining about rain again.  I rains like anything here, and if someone from Guwahati is saying, believe me, the gravity is intense.

What kept me away from this space was the culmination of my undergraduate college life. College life is a very funny one. The first year you try to grasp what is happening around, the second year you finally start hanging on to things and as you finally settle by the third, it’s over. It was just yesterday that I joined in a nervous undergraduate fresher, and today here I am writing after having attended the first two days of Masters Programme.

The final semester was hectic as well as difficult. As in, all throughout you study at least to pass, while now you study because you have to pass. And difficult, because once you graduate, the world is whole lot difficult for you. 

Difficult life in many ways; some find the transaction to professional lives difficult, while others find it difficult to get through limited Post-Graduate seats that we have in India. Then there are peculiar issues like the one I am facing. I have lost the habit of studying though the year and attending classes. And here I am at an institution that mandates you to attend 8 hours of classroom every day, six days a week. Hence, life after graduation is hell lot difficult.

I am not sure how many of you do, but all though out my undergraduate days, I ended up studying just a day before exams. So, it would be very obnoxious for me to imagine revision of lectures and topics daily.  And above all, attending classes regularly. Attendance was probably one of the perks of attending an off campus college. This builds up to what we somewhat call a ‘chill attitude’, which later gets you rid of the ‘regular study habit’.

I remember the days when my parents made me sit on the study table from 7:15 to 9.00 pm every day. Irrespective of the fact whether that I studied or not, what I developed of this was the bit of sitting on the study table. This today, seems little impossible to me.   

The semester mode of the last university I attained has made us very similar to cache memory in our systems. Whatever we learn, gets cleared once we pass the semester. And this by far has had the biggest inducing effect in taking our studying habits away.

This at no point however means that our abilities are being compromised or corrupts our education. But what it does it that it takes the classical approach of studying away and makes you a smart learns and helps to attain success. But one should always keep in mind, success does not necessarily bring peace of mind, knowledge surely does. [Arguments welcome]

Our system of education has always been about commitment, and even today the situation is same. And commitment ensures knowledge. But unfortunately for many, it’s a degree that decides your fate, not the knowledge.

Never the less, the point of this post was to talk about that fact that three years of graduation has taken away my habit of study. And here I am on a mission to get it back.

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  • Friday, June 19, 2015
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