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The Bold Decision

Taking up a job while still being in college was not an easy task, but it was rewarding. The decision to drop out of medical coaching to peruse a career in the field of Journalism in itself was a big decision. We hail from a land where changing streams from Science to Humanities no considered nothing more than incapability of the student. And my act gave all my acquaintances every reason to laugh at me or my family.

Never the less, it took quite some time for me to gather guts and take up the course. Getting into Delhi University was one daunting task considering the number of seats involved and the level of competition. But a popular saying goes that once you get into the University, life becomes what you call a chilling experience.

The boldest decision which I took till date was probably the Medical drop out one, but here I am writing about another decision, taking during the end of first year of college life, which I believe was equally difficult.    
The first year of college was fun. Perks of being a DU student and particularly in an off-campus college is that you get ample of free time to hang out with your friends. Usually classed ended by 1:30 and you had the entire evening to roam around. What added further to the fun was the location of my college, proper South Delhi.

So by the end of first semester, it was like you have become addicted to places like Hauz Khas Village, GK M Block and what not. Under such circumstances it became a little difficult for me to manage finances and again the burden of the drop out keeps hunting you. But the pull of a fun lifestyle was something that was not easy to ignore.

But keeping career in mind I did join in a couple of internships, which kind of cut me short of the fun my friends had. But since internship period ended soon, I made sure that I had full compensation of the fun which I missed.

I did not go home during summer break but instead stayed back and enjoyed Delhi. However, one fine day, things changed. The internships I did were at a decent place and since I had a fairly good CV, a friend of mine called up with a job offer. Like a proper job offer with decent money.

Money is what a college kid strives for, and the offer looked very lucrative. But a job will cut short the fun I had; will make me miss all the hang outs and usual lazy lifestyle I had. On the other mind I had my career. Hence, I took the bold decision of taking up the challenge.

Must I write here, it was not easy watching your flatmate having fun, while you on the other hand had to run to office post college and reach home late. Missing your early morning sleep while your friends who enjoyed the entire night after a night out; everything gave me a very sad feeling.

But at same time, earning your own money and having a credit card of your own gave you a very surreal feeling.

The decision to take the job made me a confident guy and someone with much stable and matured mind. It gave a very good opportunity to mature and also be self independent. Though at first it was really a hard decision, but with time it turned out to be one of the best decisions ever taken. 


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