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Non-shaven face cost me my first Campus Placement

‘This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette‘. This activity has been referred to me by Mr. Arvind Passey via his blog The Real Fiction

As journalism students our approach job interviews are a little different. So at our first campus placement drive I was a little confused as to what look to carry. There is this stereotype according to which media professionals usually carry a rugged different look, and it was surely in my mind.

So I called up a senior and sought advice. Half drunk he replied, “Since when did we start caring about looks, just update your CV and walk in with confidence. No one gives a damn about what you wear.”

And I did that. To be on the safer side, I was in semi-formals, did not shave and walked in imitating a classic workaholic journalist look.

The first surprise waited for me at the waiting room itself. The drive was ‘open to all departments’ and I could see B.Com and Economics students all suited up with ties and waiting for their turn. 

Many of my classmates walked out the moment they realized what positions were offered and despite being the only black sheep in the herd of white, I decided to sit though it because of the decent package they offered.

After 25 minutes I got my call.

I walked into the boardroom, where right across the table sat a lady in a saree and beside her was a man, black suited and clean shaved.

Nervously as I made my way forward, the lady in her shrill voice commented, ‘Amlan. Impressive CV must I say.’

Before I could thank her, she continued, ‘But you don’t seem to be that impressive as I expected you to be.”

‘I am sorry,’ I replied.

“You have done enough to build a brilliant CV, but the least you could have done for an interview is at least shave”, replied the man.  
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  • Friday, November 28, 2014
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