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How you lost your friendship to time

Writing philosophical stuff does not really sell. People these days prefer spicy, GIF rigged, bullet listed posts. But people do make a business out of your emotions. They just say, it’s none of your business to comment and exploit my emotions; the entire society lives and survives on gossip and your vulnerability is someone’s talk of the day. So let’s talk about something that apparently bugs almost every college going social animal. Let’s talk about bridging a gap, filling a void and getting strings back. Not making things complicated, let’s talk about removing differences in friendship.

The problem with most of us, in fact all of us, is that we are ready to forgive but never really admit that the mistake was ours. Emotions are always complicated are so are expectations. Hence the scope of emergence of differences is very high. The most painful thing that one can experience is probably the feeling of not knowing someone who you used to know the best.

I mean just consider this situation. Two years ago, your ex-girlfriend meant the most to you and you knew every bit of her. Today probably you would find it more convenient to talk to a stranger at the bus stop then talking to your ex. You will probably talk to that boring guy in your class who you don’t even care about, if given a preference between him and her. No seriously, do we get over emotions and attachment so soon? Well maybe people get replaced soon. Love, emotions and friendship is like cheap labour in India, available in abundance, hence for some privileged like us, we prefer getting over things than probably mending them, or even think about them.

But at times some happy realizations do happen. What would have happen if I would have spoken about him to him/her? I had a fight with this friend; I avoid him and all people around him. Time pass by, a void forms. In some years that friend is vanished and you live with a guilt that things ended such way. And the same feeling also prevail the other side. Some day you meet, make things up, but can you replace the time lost? Never can you do that.

Walking away today is the most possible solution when it comes to avoiding a situation. At least for emotional cowards like many of us; we would possibly never face the girl who turned you down than realizing the fact that things would have never really worked out. We are afraid of talking about where things went wrong, and instead we bury our feelings and look for a new possible way of life.

Never the less, the whole idea of writing this was, at least the selected people who took the pain of reading this entire thing, just keep it in mind. Time is what you are paying to heal things. Don’t lose on it. Even if you have to seek forgiveness for something you haven’t done anything. Because time saved earns you a relationship, a bond, a friend. And it is too precious to lose one.
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  • Friday, August 01, 2014
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