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The Admission Dilemma (Confusion)

The admission season is here and you as a university final year student have the privilege of answering a lot of questions, asked by curious admission seekers.

This other day I happened to be in one of Delhi University colleges for some urgent work. As I walked in I bumped into a girl who was with her dad for the very obvious reason. I saw them looking curiously onto the Cut Off list and then walking into one of the rooms for admission. As I walked out, the same father daughter duo was waiting outside the gate, confused.

As I waited for a ride, the girl’s daughter approached me and asked if I was a student with the University, to which I nodded calmly. He then asked me one of the most irritating question one can come up during the admission season, “My daughter has X amount of percentage, which course should I consider for her?”

Well yes, I understand the admission anxiety and the value of opinions at this point of time. But I fail to understand the degree of confusion inside a father’s heart about which course his daughter would take such that he considered even consulting a stranger for the same.

The situation I am countering via this entire build up of the instance is about the lack of concrete choice amongst the students when it comes to admission. And what further worsens the situation is the amount of interference parents make with respect to admission related matters.

A very common mentality that prevails amongst most of us; and by us I meant students as well as parents, is that our first objective is getting into the University and getting a good college. In the other of preference, we often put subject or course as a third preference. 

Yes, this is the age old debate of course versus college which I am talking about.

My friend got a call from one of his neighbors asking what all courses are available in DU so that her daughter can at least secure a seat in so called ‘India’s best University’. 

But how often do we care out course satisfaction? How often do parents consider the satisfaction of students over prestige of studying in a top college in a top course? A guess a fraction does, but there exists a plethora of crowd that still compromises on the aspiration of their child in the name of a better future and success? 

As someone from the middle class Indian society I understand the concern of parents in terms of future and money and aspirations. But we often fail to underline is the degree of risk having a scarred career if the student fails to cope up the demands of the subject.

A lot has already been written on how parents influence their kid’s choice when it comes to career. But very little is talked about the confusion that prevails amongst the students when we talk about their choice.

Last year while talking to a new student, I asked her about why she took up a course like Journalism Honours. Her reply was probably the most unimaginative ever, or maybe considering the generation today this might be pretty common. But to my horror she replied, “It just sounded fancy”. Now tell me, how can we solely blame parents?

It’s a little sad to write that very few students actually research for their interest when it comes to college and depend more on other’s opinion when it comes to colleges they want. Since I can quote examples related to only my field of interest, here is another instance.

A guy approached me with dire interest in doing under graduation in Journalism from the university. But his condition was like he wanted a course only in Travel Journalism and hence asked me which college in DU offers the same. Now for someone who understands the concept a beat, it will be far easier for him/her to figure out where this guy was wrong.

These are still very technical confusions. There were instances where guys came up to someone asking if he could get admission into Miranda House or LSR since they are often listed amongst the top. Now aren’t these the very basic of things to consider.

The whole intention of writing this piece was to send out a message that at least you be sure of what you want to do. There is a set of preference about what you want to peruse. It’s to consider opinions but not good to live on them. It’s not fair to comment upon one’s personal choice, but considering the degree of competition, I suppose its noble to be a little concrete when it comes to booking a seat which might just be a dream for someone. 


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