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The Best Compliment

I have always wondered what would probably be the best compliment one can ever give to anyone. For a girl, saying you are beautiful like a hundred times a day would probably make her feel good, but will that make her happy. Though the concept of happiness has been used again and again to describe one's feelings, but it being very subjective make things really difficult to determine what makes you the happiest. 

Again, if you are asked why do you like someone or rather what makes you like someone. This has been the trickiest question of the textbook ever. To be honest, yes most of the times looks do the trick and you start liking anyone, but have you ever realized if only looks can make you happy. And unless you are happy with someone how can you even dare to say that yes I do like someone. This clears the the thin line of difference between between liking and infatuation. A question that has been asked over and over again. 

Again you might come across a question about proving to someone that how can you be with someone within such a short span. Well, I have always been against the notion that relationships happen overnight. There comes a point when things tend to fall on their own. You have a check list, like this is what I always wanted or like yes I would love to have someone who would probably be like things. And all of a sudden when you come across someone who happens to be even better than what you have ever thought of, how can you stop yourself from falling for someone. 

Coming back to the point of giving a true compliment, you know you are doing something right when you realize that other person is happy being with out. When you realize that time spent with you is priceless and you leave all your obsessions to just listen to you. A good picture of you makes someone’s day, and all day long someone carries that smile. And you know you make someone happy when you make a serious factual writer comes up with the most of horrible one liners and jokes, which are not even remotely close to funny and yet you laugh at your horrible disastrous sense of humor. You know you make someone happy when instead of facts someone memorizes the list of emoticons you use.

Yes, to sum up let me tell you what the best compliment ever is, someone tell you that you make one HAPPY.

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  • Saturday, April 05, 2014
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