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A Pretentious Life

The dynamics of leading a life has definitely changed overtime. Today, we focus more on being pretentious rather than being someone who we actually are. “You are not an asshole, but you are trying so hard to be one”. For those of who have watched 'The Social Network', they know that this line is a very integral part of the entire movie. But very few of us can actually co-relate to the core meaning associated with this fancy sounding urban metaphorical line.

As a young average middle class student in Delhi you come across various class of students here. The issue with any middle class guy is that he can mingle very well with all section of the crowd. Be it the most rural population or the elite mall savvy crowd. He can blend with just anyone. You can pretend to be someone who is sophisticated as clock dial but at the same time you can be clear as crystal. But what happens with this is that you lose out with an original you, and you tend to become someone who you actually pretend. Now the issue is not with pretension; the issue arises when you pretend to be the two sides of a same coin.

This is just one perspective. In this so called #Insta generation, your social life is something that defines you. A good display picture, handful of Check-ins at so-called-cool places, and wall posts on each others profile. Is that what marks your personality? Unfortunately so, yes. Irrespective how big a fool you are, how big a bustard you are. You pretend to be someone very different and people like you for it. And the surprising thing is that we start believing in a life which we actually pretend. Deep down in your heart you know you are an ass, but you convince yourself that I am the best and hence people like me. That's like being an intern in a media house and do nothing and just be an observer and yet take claim for anything awesome the media house does. But in practically, you were just pretending to be a part of the organization and that's what you are doing in life.

Being pretentious sucks out emotions from you. You maybe a be a very egoistic volatile guy. But just for the sake of world you pretend to be very humble and down to earth. Because you know being such makes you a saint in front of people and who hates that? Hence every time someone says something to you, you subside your ego and pretend to be normal. You become use to taking shit and there comes a point where you stop reacting to things. You start thinking that what you pretend to be is actually what you are. But then, there is a real you. And every time time you introspect you realize something is burning deep under and the heat can only be felt by you.

Leading a pretentious life is not an easy task. But doing so not actually a social obligation but actually a necessity. Some make their way out of it while other burn their soul. This is probably a phase which everyone, at some point or the other faces but only a few get back to their real self. We live in a web, real or virtual.      


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