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The Mask

Defying that mask which you wear everyday before you go out of your home is really difficult. Many a times people tend to take you very differently, though in actual life things are way to different. The generation today is used to lead multiple different roles, all under the shadow of a mask. You have a social mask, a social media mask, a pretentious flirty mask and so many other masks. But at the end of the day, when you come back home, you shed your ego and mask, and get back into your real self. You realize how much fake you are and how much people can misinterpret you.

“What you see me
Is just a fake me
A me stuck in morass
Sinking with the weight of a lie”

The issue with wearing a mask everyday is that you forget your self and people tend to think that you are someone else. For someone who is ever jolly might me shocking for others to realize that he has a sentiment inside it. There is defense mechanism through which many make fun of themselves to beat inferiority complex. So for the world he is a damn under confident guy, but often fail to realize the confidence it requires to pull off a mockery on self. This is just a mask which we wear.

The real problem however begins when even to forget your real self. You get so used to a mask that you don't really know how to live without it. It can have many boons. Me wearing the mask of always a happy guy can make my life a different tale, though deep down my heart there are emotions. (Alright the change from third person to first person was not intentional.) But the crux of the whole situation here is that, at times, just to pretend, you start taking life so lightly that you fail you get seriousness back into it.

To help others live a prosperous life, you pretend not to like someone, wear the mask of true friend and pretend to unite a person who might just be your interest. But that mask, you have to shed it at times. Sometimes, when self realization comes in and you realize that people love your mask, not you. You feel sad. You see friends of your mask, not you. That's scary. You are backstabbing your own soul. But again, to continue living, you need oxygen. And to lead a social life, you need a mask. A much needed abrupt ending. Thanks.     


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