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Yes my flatmate is gay, and he is no different

Last few days all I see on my feed is ‘support’, fake or genuine, but everyone is coming out in support of the LGTB community, rather the ‘gay’ community to be very specific. The first thing I would like to clear is that why do we call them a community. So people who are talking about equality, the first thing you should refrain is from using the word ‘community’; why to classify them separately if you feel they are the same.

A lot of people ask me about me living with a gay flat mate. Yes as a matter of fact, I share my apartment with someone who calls himself a very ‘political body’ now. And to the Supreme Court and Article 377 supporters, he is no different than me and you.

Let me be very honest, yes I was homophobic; I was sceptical about sharing my apartment with this friend of mine. But I did, and today as I see people talking about equality and accepting the so called ‘community’, all I would say is that be with them, you don’t need to accept them because they are the same. In fact a little more caring and understanding than what you are.

I urge everyone who stereotypes makes fun and maintains distance from the gay people and yet puts up a Facebook status showing solidarity, please change your mind set. There needs to special look for them, no back gossip about them. Be with them, don’t trophy them, be the self you are with them. That is probably the best way to show how much you are against Article 377, how much you value equality.     

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  • Saturday, December 14, 2013
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