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Yes I am 20 and I am not a millionaire

So it’s 31st December again, another year gone. Two decades of my existence here on this planet and what have I done? Fraser Doherty, Ashley Qualls, Juliette Brindak and Sean Belnick; what is common to these random names. Well before you Google and find all the names in the very first link of the search results place, I tell you, these kids are Millionaire and are just 20. And as I introspect the year 2013, what have I done? 

You know it’s very hard to estimate how average you are? Because for us everyone is average, just that we fail to demarcate if you are average average or a little more average. I might sound crazy, but the point here is that in the world, the battle is always there for the average. People above average have already made it large and those below average are least bothered. And we average, fight a battle to keep up with the standards of above average and not to be beaten by the below average people. Well, this was definitely not an average thought. And I wonder why I don’t get laid. 

Anyway, coming back, it’s very difficult to imagine that someone at your age has achieved so much. As in, both of you have spent the same amount of time on the planet and here you sit and there he. Alia Bhatt, probably the best heart throb Bollywood has produced in the year is just 20, and she becomes the source of inspiration/motivation/stimulator for so many people. Hard to imagine, you can do so much. 

This year has definitely not been average for me I guess. Building yourself takes time, and to achieve the tag of being called a self-made man is indeed something really difficult. And that is where it started. The search for the tag and whatever it takes to get it.
Already confessed a lot on my birthday post, all I say here is that, yes I am 20 and I am not a millionaire. But what you really need is to be happy, so re-phrasing it, Yes I am 20 and I am not a millionaire, but I am happy. 

Happy New Year! 

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  • Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Amlan Amlan Author


  1. Not too happy a thought at 4:30 but ah well. :)

  2. OMG......SAME HERE......I M 30+......!!!


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