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Celebrating my last teenage hours

So here I am, celebrating the last few years of being a teenager. Nineteen years went by and today I am at the threshold of being an adult. At this moment I see my friends fighting it out for love, roaming around with their loved ones and anticipating love. And I here I am, counting last few hours of me being a teenager.

The transition has been drastic you know. Form being the Stud of Blue Bells Preparatory School to the class captain of LKG Anand Academy, Dispur. From being the loser of Class I Shrimanta Shankar Academy, Dispur to being ‘the man’  of the 2010 batch of the school; known for shouting back at teachers. For the ‘most absent’ student of VV DAV PS. Vikaspuri to the ‘working’ Amlan of DCAC Journalism; these 19 years has been no less than a tale. Intense fight to switch to journalism from medical to my first break up, what not? Things never remain the same.

So many things to confess, so many things to write and I don’t have time. So many people to thank, so many people to apologize; from finding true love in metros to falling in love at every corner of the road, the journey has been amazing. From on field experience of being ‘brozoned’ and gradually graduating to the ‘friendzone’ level. Life has been sad. From borrowing money to lending money, life has developed. So many things running simultaneously in my mind and another Indian wicket falls. That reminds, from Sachin Tendulkar to Baichung Bhutia. Debates to MUNs. NDTV to Tehelka, Barefoot and its Editor. I better stop now, enough of an editorial to celebrate my birthday. Yes, that’s my way of celebrating it, probably because is as important as the ‘Amlan Das’.  I thank all. 

PS: Ignore the Typos and grammatical errors. 
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  • Thursday, December 05, 2013
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