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How did you wish him/her Birthday?

So how do you show your affection towards your friends on his/her birthday? By changing your display picture or by writing a long note. By updating your Whatsapp and BBM status or by doing all of the above mentioned. I believe most us update every possible social platform to display or rather prove our affection towards the birthday girl/boy.

Our lives today so much depend on our social image that we feel insecure about our own feelings. Today, we need to update a status to display how much close you are to somebody. I am very sure, people might be ready with contradictions, but this is my blog and I will express my view point, just like you do on your friend’s birthday.  

So it’s like if you write ‘HBTY’ on someone’s wall you are less of a friend, but if you post something like this,

Now you are real friend. You know so much about me. And we spend so much time together. It gets so much important for us now to share those moments with the world today. Why? Because it’s your birthday.

And BBM, of course how can we forget that. Your BBM/Whatsapp DP is definitely your identity. And today I share my identity with you. Not sure though if I would care to do the same if you happen to be in any problem.

The worst part is that we actually look up to such things. We love to see affection be poured upon us on our special day. If you don’t have such posts this psychological burden comes in that, yes I am loner. Being a media student I would just say that this is a play of the online media.

Just like fashion, this is an online trend, something that has actually rooted itself in the present generation. Mind you. ‘it’ here is the culture of writing fancy Facebook and Whatsapp wishes. Its again that sad that I had to classify this act as culture.   

It’s actually interesting to note that how a virtual platform is taking over our lives so easily these days. Gone are the day when we use to express our feelings through cards, today we just need a wall and a status to update.
It’s a taboo for you if on your birthday people don’t change their display picture with you. You are a loner if your wall post count don’t touch hundred.

Well, what to say my friend, just remember, somewhere in a parallel universe a sane world laughs at your foolishness.

PS: No offence to the authentic wishers. And even I have changed by DP to wish someone.

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  • Tuesday, November 12, 2013
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