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How about 'confessing' tonight !

Things have been pretty factual and substantive in my life that philosophy has taken a back seat. In the race of manufacturing news, at times I have to give up morals and feelings. Today, when someone asks me about feelings, I get so confused. The joking search for ‘true love’ has now become a menace. Things are getting complicated with every passing day and as I am writing this, I am not actually intoxicated but rather sleepy.
If I am asked about someone I like. My reply always happens to be the same. I like everyone. Every new day I meet my special someone and every day I realize that that someone is not actually special. In the race of objectivity, I always tend to end myself in a position where all I do is judge people and repent upon the fact that, yes I don’t have the guts to approach anyone.
Things have become ambiguous. With too many in the plate, atleast to pretend I am actually unable to decide whom to approach and how. It’s funny that I usually act more stupid when I am sleepy rather than when I am high.
My confession about a happy life would be the day I realized that the girl was after for a year now actually turned out to be someone whom I never really liked. And also because I realized that to do things what I am doing today, I should actually be bondage free.
If cutting off from people, then I am not afraid of doing so. Rather let me screen people off my list. This you I know, you are beautiful and I love people who love sports and also possess a little bit of brain. But I also know that you are someone who is way too good for my taste and probably you have someone whom you don’t want to disclose because you tend show people that you are smarter than what you actually look like.
Again this you, the true Indian beauty, being someone’s favourite doesn't make you smart and I tell you, I was disappointed of your taste.

Well, things are getting messy right now. The amount of bull shit I do these days has ceased beyond limit and before I spill the beans, I must stop. Someone please disconnect the net. That’s it, I don’t want to become this confession and short story queen you miss pseudo happening. What I would rather do is sleep.    
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  • Friday, November 08, 2013
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