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Flashback: The day when Sachin scored his Double Hundred

February 24, 2010 was the day. Every true cricket fan would definitely remember this date as god took the ground to create another record a record to be the first player on earth to score a double hundred in ODI against South Africa.
But how do I remember that day? People might have narrated their experience of watching this famous knock of Sachin. Socially significant individuals (i.e. celebrities) might have written about their one time experience of watching the Master Blaster create another history. Who would have listened to me? I was just a 10th grader who was preparing for his boards.
That day was dedicated to Social Studies. There were specific instructions from my dad that I should be done with the Geography part of the subject. No, not actually, the instruction was that I should not switch on the TV as he knows that how big cricket bug I am. And this was also because my dad hated cricket the most.  So, how about ‘no TV day’ today? That’s what he said.
But the question again comes, when have I ever listened to my dad? Honestly I did follow everything till the time I reached Delhi. Never the less, cricket was something I could not compromise upon.

Wednesday it was and dad went out for work. Hence the TV was on. I remember opening the first chapter, and by the time Sachin lifted his bat and helmet to celebrate his double hundred, I managed to complete just one page of the inaugural chapter. Indeed I studied a little too much that day.

I clearly remember the look on my uncle’s face who came to visit me and wish me luck for my boards. Why would not he be surprised to see a son of a hard core cricket hater standing on top a table with his T-Shirt off and jumping like a crazy monkey celebrating Sachin’s 200? Clearly the signs of an enthusiastic 90% aspirant, his eyes reflected these thoughts. Well, sorry my family is horrible with sarcasm (that is where I get the talent from).

So his words were, “So Sachin is going get Amlan a big medal in his life”. And I did care what he said. Haha, you think so? NO. And yes, I did manage to score exceptionally well in my boards. I also remember how I was cursing Dhoni as he was not giving strike to Sachin? With the words I uttered, my mother was very sure that my moral character is going down the drain.

Well, that was indeed a day. Hell of a entertaining match and I am lucky to have it watched live, well 6 seconds deferred live (well that’s the technical difference between real time and live telecast, random fact). Today as the master bids adieu to cricket, everyone is somehow trying to associate themselves the great sports person. 

I don’t really have much to associate, but just this that I was ready to sacrifice my boards to watch you bat and I did. (Not sure how big of a sacrifice that was) But as a kid, as a son of a hard core cricket hater, as a nephew of a hard core authoritative uncle, this was indeed a big deal for me.

Also, do enjoy this special tribute to Sachin by The Viral Fever 

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  • Thursday, November 14, 2013
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