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Lets debate 'Rape'

Post December, India has been under an uproar. After the horrific Delhi tragedy, media is filled with reports of heinous crimes committed against women in the country.

Be it the play of the media or the need of the hour, today we are being reminded of the pathetic condition of women in this great nation of India almost every day. But the fact remains, what have we done and what has changed? Nothing, I guess.

What we discuss in our newsrooms and write in our newspapers gets completely washed away the moment we step into our living room. The onscreen approach and the real life approach to the problems related to women in India stands miles apart.

This is a part of the culture that prevails in India. We claim ourselves to be women activists, advocating justice for victims, but we disallow our sons from marrying a raped or molested woman, because she is no longer pure. We are the new age generation, who goes to every possible candle march in the city, cries in front of the camera, gets beaten up, but at the same time enjoy movies like ‘Grand Masti’, laughing on the objectification of women. We claim ourselves to be feminists, argue with every possible guy in college about equal rights for girls, but work with a company that uses women as a marketing strategy just to sample products.

This is what defines the ‘rape’ culture that prevails in the country. At times I wonder, why do we need a panel to decide what is wrong in the country, and why is India not safe for women. If we look into ourselves, we will get the answer. Simple question, how many abuses do you use related to a female and how many do you use related to male. The answer to this clearly explains the existent mentality of the country.

India possibly has the best laws ever made to protect the rights of women in the country. But the very fact that we make laws specific to women and amend them again and again to strengthen the ambit clearly indicates the degrading condition of the opposite sex in India.    

Lack of proper knowledge and distortion in the process of implementation has created a shield that restricts the change of mindset in the Indian society. What we do every day is just debate, criticize and analyze the situation. We never really work towards the change we want to see.

We have had enough of discussion, enough of writing. If we really want to make India a secure place for women, all we need is to change our mindset, and do what we want others to do.

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  • Monday, September 23, 2013
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