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Delhi Police for You

The recent incidents in the Capital have surely put a big question mark on the efficiency of the Delhi Police. Every other day we find articles criticizing the department. We find activists demanding the resignation of the top Delhi Police officials and hear speeches about how the police have failed in its duty.
We stand nowhere to argue that Delhi is a very vast city.  And protection of each and every civilian is no doubt the responsibility of the Delhi Police. But we must understand that even we are responsible for our own safety. Well, my point here is not to discuss who is correct and who is wrong; who has failed or what could have been done.

Actually here I am sharing three instances of mine which I have experienced in relation to the Delhi Police. At this point of time, I believe seldom we find articles praising the police. But I believe, Delhi police is indeed commendable. At least from what I have experienced, I pretty much have a faith in the department now matter how filthy some people claim it to be.
I absolutely had no experience of dealing with police till this incident happened. After my two years of stay in Delhi, when it was the time for my admission into the Delhi University, I was in the North Campus collecting admission forms. It was a lazy June afternoon as I passed by a deserted street in the campus. Three vehicles were parked in a corner with three drivers. As I passed by the vehicles, one rear view mirror of a parked Innova fell apart.
I had no clue what happed and all of a sudden, three drivers surrounded me and started blaming that I broke the mirror and demanded money. And since I was low on cash, they asked me to hand over my cell phone and bag and leave. A pure robbery, it was. I had no clue what to do and I was all alone.
Hence without any hesitation I pulled out my phone and dialed 100. I just told them my location and asked for help. The drivers probably thought that I bluffed and started bulling me saying that did I call in a full force of commandos. However they got their real shock of the life when a police van arrived within 10 minutes of the call which made the robbers run for their life.
Yes 10 minutes it was. All I had to do was be a little patient and engage those morons till police arrived. As the van went down behind the cars, a police official came to me and asked me what happened. I was scared. First time something such happened. Be the young officer calmed me down, asked me to write down what happened and even gave me his personal number in case I had any further problem; yes he gave me his personal number for my safety. Yes, such helpful were they.

The second incident happened on 1st January 2013. Yes, after the much hyped Delhi gang rape incident. After the mid night New Years bash, alongside my friends I happen to be on our way home. It was 4.00 in the morning and was freezing cold, as we walked down the deserted GK 1 road, looking for transportation. Very soon we reached a police check post, where a few security personals sat lilting a bon fire. As we walked by in the cold, shivering, they called us up, asked about our whereabouts and after having confirmed that we were students, they offered us a seat and asked us to enjoy the fire. Added to this, they started to look for an auto for us and even negotiated the price for us when they got one. Such good they were.
The same very morning, as we got down the auto at the inner Ring Road near the Hayyat Hotel, we found a vehicle parked nearby the road in the opposite site with head lights off. We peeked through and found a man with his head lying on the steering wheel. We knocked on the door, no response. He was not movement at all. Immediately we called 100 to inform about the incident. But the phone was disconnected in between the conversation as my friend had a dead battery. The very next moment, I called from my number to inform about the same. And believe us, within a span of 10 minutes, two PCR Vans approached the location. And this 5.00 am, early in a winter morning on the 1st of January.

Delhi Police is active. We must not lose our faith on them, and play along the blame game. The last incident clearly suggests that with a little bit of public co operation, we can make this city a lot safer place. I have had several other experiences with the Police Department regarding permissions and trust me; I have found them very co operative. Yes there might be some bad people inside the system, but that doesn’t mean that whole system is feud. Don’t we have disturbing elements in our family? We are equally responsible for our safety, as they are. Jai Hind.      


  1. I agree with you...Considering how vast and bloody populated the Cities are , I consider it literally impossible for a task force , no matter how vigilant , to monitor every By-Lane and alley...It's impossible. If such is the requirement , they would have to recruit a Policeman for every citizen...Population Count = Police Count..Which is silly and impossible...Hence , on our parts too...We probably need to tighten up instead of always blaming the Forces...

  2. Heartened to hear about your good experiences, though that first one you described was a hairy one. I am glad that you got out of that one unscathed.
    However, I suspect that the behaviour of the police force with people who are poor and uneducated is harsh and unconscionable. And really for no other reason other than the fact that those people are poor and uneducated.

    1. Well might be a probable reason. I have realized this that if you properly acknowledge the police personals, they tend to listen to you. As I wrote there are people in the force who happens to be crooked. But there are also people who are good. And trust me, Human psychology of people personals are terrific, they can read people very well.


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