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Productivity at its best: College MUNs

Technically considered the highest level of public speaking and writing at the university level today, the MUNs, also holds the credit of being one of the most enthusiastic and happening social meet ups for the top intellectuals of the nation. 
No doubt, after having been through the rigorous debating tactics for at least a couple of days, and the serious competitiveness in air, MUNs do offer the college students a perfect bench for self check and re evaluating their current diplomatic stand, a very essential for a sustainable future of the country. 
At the current time, MUNs have not merely been a competitive assessment, or a mock session for hypothetical assumptions and historic agendas. It has become a passion, a passion to seek solution of any hurdle placed before the community. 
Participation in MUNs has increased over the time, which is directly proportional to the increased number of College MUNs in the country. Because of its effectiveness and impact, almost any top notch institute in the country holds the notion of replicating a brilliant conference in their banner. 
This has resulted in a competition amongst the organizers which in turn has led to a very much improved standards of the organization and execution, making the options available to the delegates and press members to choose for.
Today, here we stand, where College MUNs can be considered beholding a Golden Age. We are not at the initial armature phase, not at the threshold exhaustive phase. We are at the most productive phase.

PS: For those who, who are not yet acquainted with the concept of MUNs, it stands for Model United Nations, where students mock the functioning of United Nations and debate on the current or significant international issues.  


  1. Hi Amlan!
    Pretty cool blog you've got here. :)
    Oh, and I agree, some of my friends are so passionate about MUNs andd swear by them. I don't find them that alluring, but they certainly have their own charm.


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