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Give her the Dignity and the Respect

A few days back I downloaded this movie ‘English Vinglish’, and till this hour I have watched it like about 30 times. For the current Dabaang generation, watching such a movie would be a girly stuff, while for the Twilight generation, watching such a movie would ironically be an inhuman activity. However, the reason for me watching the movie 30 times and blogging about it is actually because of its concept. The story portrayed in the movie is such a unique yet a common heart touching issue for almost all of the middle class housewives.    
For those who are unaware of the plot, in brief, the movie revolves around a lady (Sri Devi) who is made fun of in the family because of inefficiency in speaking English and she is never returned the respect she deserves even from her children. Ultimately, she learns English and makes her family realize the importance of being equally respected for a balanced marriage hood. 
Talking in general terms, it’s not always about English. The problem of being equally respected and dignity is dealt with by almost half of the middle class housewives. For a metropolitan city like Delhi, it would see a bit unrealistic, but in small towns and cities of India, the housewives, along with the daily chores always have to fight another battle for her dignity and respect. 

I have seen my mother, and I am sorry but I have to say, at times I have tempered her sentiment due to some issues where in I tried avoiding her to keep myself from embarrassment. As depicted in the movie, children would rather not like their mother go alongside them for the PTM because of her weak communication skills. But we do need to realize that, today where we are standing, and what we have achieved is all due to the hard work of that lady. Once this realization comes in, you don’t feel embarrassed, in fact you would in return make you mother feel more proud and special.
You feel embarrassed to introduce you mom to your friends because she is not cool enough. Please, get a life. Who you are. Remember that first, and then try to remember what you had been if your mom wouldn't have supported you. Please give the dignity and respect to your mom. For a lady do do and takes so much on her, she deserves being respected. 
I have embedded a link of a Tamil short film (with subtitles) which depicts the emotions associated with a teenage boy who avoided his parents just to prevent himself from being made fun of by his friends, but once he realizes the real love and affection of his mom, how he reverts back to her. It’s a touchy story and a true and sensible one too. Do spare some minutes on it. Its worth a watch. 

I have a mother who is not good with English, is not cool enough like yours, she doesn't attend too much social gatherings nor is she very up to date. Yet, I say, she is the best anyone can have and I love her. Be proud of you parents, and give your mom the dignity she deserves. I know you guys love her a lot, but the respect she dignity she deserves, do give it to her.

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  • Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Amlan Amlan Author

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  1. Hiii....a very well written post indeed.Yes we middle class housewives are yet to get our due.But I don't really agree with english vinglish. I never knew and felt english was mom had barely finished her std Vth and she visited all my PTAs not once I was ashamed of her.i personally think EV is a little exaggerated.


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