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A Talk on Humanity and Society

Humanity, society, responsibility and emotion. At this moment, I want to question, where do we lose them occasionally? Why does it take such a horrific incident, like a rape case to remind us of the fact that we are a part of a civilized society? Why? 

The oldest civilization in the planet and yet today we struggle against an act which even animals would abstain from. Yes, strong harsh words, I don’t use them so often. But what is happening around this fog rigged burning city has compelled me to do so?

Last seven days, I met, I heard, I saw numerous people, with opinions, anger, frustration and offence, coming out, protesting, shouting in the streets. An Indian born lady, settled abroad commented, I love India, but I now fear being an Indian. Why? Why are we awakened now? We never really bothered when a lady travelling in a bus is bullied and teased. We never stood up to fight for our neighboring lady who is being harassed daily by his landlord. Our humanity remains asleep till something horrific happens. Why have we become so emotionless that, we need a stimulator to wake up us and remind us that we are not machines and we do have a heart? 

Today, we see women being lathi charged, students being arrested, senior citizens being harassed. Why did we wait for such a situation to arise? No answer, even I don’t have any. I am equally responsible like each one of us, who has contributed to a society which has now become a race track where everything is all about winning, impressing, making a mark and boasting. 

Guwahati molestation incident, people took to streets, media organized talk shows, and Government promised punishment. What happened next? Two years of prison to the convicts. People forgot the incident, all normal. Then this inhuman activity, same thing on a larger scale, more talk shows, more protests, and more candles being burned. But all I question is what difference it will make. 

I will find numerous eye brows being raised on to my opinion. But the real concern is about bringing back true humanity. Humanity with emotions, not necessarily by talks. Help a woman in trouble, don’t stand by thinking it’s not your job. Just joining a protest and the very next moment you leave someone helpless won’t make a difference. 

What lacks in our society is a good reinforcing element. We are awakened only by some bad deeds. Never really we are encouraged by something good. A rape victim speaking and coming up to the society won’t motivate people to organize a rally and help her seek justice; they will just momentarily share sympathy, and move on. However, a rape victim dying in the hospital bed would provoke violence.

The humanity in the society can be brought back only when we realize our responsibility and emotion before some inhuman is being committed. It is due to the lack of this emotion, that we have now fallen into the category of animals. How inhuman we have become.

Let’s try to feel the pain of others. Try to act, and then we speak. Today that nation has a momentum, let us carry it such a way that it doesn’t die out like every single last time. Let us set an example such that, crime doesn’t get air to grow up.

Till we have faith in Humanity, trust will grow, emotions will pop up, and civilizations will prevail.   


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