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Because it's Diwali

You know it’s Diwali, when you find the creepiest corner of Moti Bagh village flooded with light. The narrow lanes, the darkness of which scares you the every general day, bears a new look, filled with color, yes this is Diwali. Even in the lonely streets, you find ‘Light’ shouting and screaming, reminding you of the fact, it’s Diwali. The poor lady down the lane has a smile, not because she is happy, because, it’s Diwali. Religious barrier fail, enemies talk and strangers celebrate together, and such is the impact, just because it’s Diwali.

As I stream my way through the busy Ring Road, I see smiling faces. The traffic is just horrible, yet I find people not complaining. There is a mutual understanding. Let’s celebrate together, because, once in a while comes Diwali. Walking down the busy Chandani Chowk footpath, I see numerous faces. There is not even a sq inch land to stand. Everybody is in a hassle. We need the best sweets, best clothes, the best lights. In the sea of people, all addicted to visual pleasure, I find a visually challenged man; making his way to the shop and asking for lights and crackers. He has a son, and it is through his child’s eye that the man would enjoy the colors. 

The best thing about Diwali, everybody runs after light. The rich double their use of joule while, the poor doubles their expense on oil. He may not cook, eat boil, but the Diwali day, you find lamps burning in oil. Such is the spirit. Be it high tech lighting system, or a single solitary candle, it is all about bringing light, paving away darkness. 

Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali. 

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  • Monday, November 12, 2012
Amlan Amlan Author

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