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10000 Views: A Note on Why I Write

Dear Readers,

April 9, 2010 was the day; I was here, the National Capital Territory of India. One thing, I knew for sure was that, my life will surely change. I did not want to lose my identity, but I want some new elements to be added to the same. And so, I began my life here.

Some call it the land of dream, some the land of hope, some call it a nightmare, but for some it's just an option. Delhi for me was an option, I had to take it, but the twist in the tale was, my option gave me a new world, revived my lost dream, and got me a new world. 

I started my Delhi life with just 86 Facebook friends, but today I have, 1184. Some might say, it won’t matter unless you have a real friend. But the fact is off those 1098 newly added friends, I have met at least 800 people, and each people add to your experience and psychology. Also not to forget the ‘Blocked People’, who tried adding a ‘black page’ to my journey. The Facebook ‘Display Pictures’ show my evolution, from a goal less person to someone clam and somewhat composed, with a goal in life.

Numerous mentors helped me, numerous people charmed me, and numerous people inspired me. Today here, I am, completing one of my very first goals set by me. Starting a Blog, and achieving at least 10,000 views by the 2012 end. 

I have seen people write, I have seen people using a Blog to reach out readers, and I always wanted to be one of them. Loneliness in Delhi did the trick, it brought out my desire to write, and once it started, here I am writing and writing. Honestly, I am not awesome of a writer, it started as a fake identity of mine which I turned into my passion. I have a horrible grammar and I am sick of spellings, yet I aspire to be a writer, and this is the limit of my passion. The happiness you get, while receiving a good feedback of your writing, is something heavenly. People say, there is no money here, go get a life, but you see, as people say, something beyond money. 

What keeps me writing is this inverted energy passed on by the readers. Let say 100 people criticize my writing, and ask me to stop, but the moment, a single reader say it was good, I would write 100 more pieces. The people I live around now, are some of the best in India, I can say, I am with the people who are all set to write history for the country. And here I am, writing, and celebrating, the very first goal set by me. Thanks a lot people for reading. I promise you better and more.


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  • Tuesday, November 06, 2012
Amlan Amlan Author


  1. Trust me bro, i started off as the same as well. You spoke my mind.. Grammar sucks :P

  2. Dilli does have a HEART. It just that one needs to locate the pulse of it.

    And the last stanza says it all. May you keep achieving your goals with flying colors.

    The enthusiasm that the write-up exudes is contagious.


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