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Shrimanta Shankardev Movement: Delhi Initiative

I was never actually fascinated by Sattriya Dance. I had already developed a stereotype that its boring, so I never really tried watching it. I had known about Shrimanta Shankardev, not just because, I am student of Shrimanta Shankar Academy, but also because I  belong to the Satra Nagari Barpeta in Assam. But enjoying the dance was not my cup of tea.
This 13th September, an event was organized on Shankardev. I decided to be there as a responsible native of Assam. As someone who holds deep respect for this multi talented saint of Assam. And being there, I come back with a good taste of Sattriya Dance. I actually loved it. So here I am presenting my first photo blog. 
Khols is a traditional Assamese Musical Instrument initiated by Shankardev to accompany his musical Dramas 

The Sattriya dance started with a Khol presentation of the Artists 

It is accompanied by Taals, another instrument developed by the Mahapurush

Synchronizing the beats to the moves 

he Sutradhar ~~ basically the narrator of Dance -Drama form such as Bhowna or Jhumura

A Close up of the Sutradhar

A Satriyya Dancer

Kanha caught in red hand while stealing Makhana (Butter) by the Yashoda and Gopis 

The Kahna Act
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  • Saturday, September 15, 2012
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