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Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow

I would like my friends to concentrate on the second part of this famous saying, Shared sorrow is half a sorrow. The line has a clear meaning. When we are sad, share it with a close friend or relative, or sometimes even with a stranger and you feel much relieved. And I suppose everyone does that. The exceptions are only those, who are fortunate enough to have a strong inner will power and the unfortunate ones who don't have anyone to share, and usually all of the people in the unfortunate category upgrades themselves to the fortunate category with due course of time.
Share, you feel light hearted

Nevertheless, coming back to the sorrow problem, as Teenagers or rather official adults, what are the major reasons of sorrow that we share, particularly with our friends. I suppose 30% would share their family problems, restrictions; 5% about our studies, and 65% definitely about relationships.
Yes, it is the current trend, almost everyone gets into a relationship till they pass out Class XII, and mostly this trend turns out to be their greatest source of sorrow. Interesting to note that, the usage of Alcohols and Smokes is directly proportional to the depth of a relationship. And the fact is, There is no definition of a perfect relationship. So, no matter how hard we pretend to flaunt our so called perfect relationship, there will always be dark part of it associated.
Love is all around.

Another remarkable fact of being in a relationship is that, we can't share our tension with our parents. Though it doesn't seem good to write, but people prefer to end their life, rather than sharing their relationship related problems to their parents. 
But humans are very adjustable, they find themselves someone who tend to substitute the place of parents to help us share our sorrows. And this place is taken most of the times by our friends, sometimes siblings and cousins, or maybe some young relative. 
Now the whole agenda of my post is, how far reliable our friends are in the matter of our relationship. Remember guys, 50% of the break ups happen because of our friends, may be because of their misguidance, or there might be other infinite reasons. So how to restrict ourselves from being the victim of misguidance and save the relationship when there is trouble and we are in sorrow. And since we can't seek the help of parents,Friends remain the only options. And honestly, I too don't have solution to the problem. But I do have figured out some precautions, and facts which might come handy.
I want you to re-channel you attention to the quote above, to the second part precisely. Shared Sorrow. Everywhere it is said that we must share our sorrow, but nowhere it is written that we must get an opinion on the reason of the sorrow. And this becomes the main reason of your breakups. We don't restrict ourselves to the sharing part, but we seek help and opinions and seek judgement, and most of the times we are provoked to take such actions that we end up destroying everything that existed. 
A fact is always to be remembered, no two individuals are the same. What may seem a perfect relationship to you, might not be to the other, be it the most close friend of yours. So don't go with the judgement made by others. Try to calm down and think of how you are different of the next guy and try enacting changes to the opinion according to that. I bet, you will be quite satisfied with the outcomes. Remember, no one knows you better than you, so the answer always lies within you, but when we are sad, we can't find it, so we seek help. Look into yourself, believe in yourself, and soon you will be in the fortunate category which I have mentioned above.

PS: This is no act of trying to be a LOVE GURU, I have just put forward my option, and my Blog Name reads, The World Through My View
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