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Living life, the 'Boiled' Way!!

No No, this isn't another of those depressing post, describing the sorrows of my life and what I have done to  cope up with them. This is actually a social message. Well, I am not sure about that, but surely a suggestion to the friends, who belongs to a place where intestines fails to take the hot and spicy food items and high fat junked food.  
When I came o Delhi almost two and a half years back, the best thing I liked about it was its food. Delhi is quite famous for it roadside food and delicious cheap stalls, that enriches every taste bud of yours. But, little did I know that, after coming from a land, where the staple diet and its composition is totally different, the food I took here could lead to so much complications that I had to spent sleepless nights in Hospitals.
Street Food

From Sinakji to Chole Kulche, Aloo Tikki to Cahri Chawal, ask me anytime, I am just ready to gulp all down. So tasty it was, the regular Mc Donald visits, which of course was not possible in Guwahati (First, I would not have had so much cash with me, and second, there is no Mc D in Guwahati) made my life look like almost heaven.
The basic difference between Assamese food and North Indian food is that, Assam is more of Rice based. People in Assam, unlike the North, use less Wheat i.e. Rotis, Naans, Parathas etc. Rather, the basic households don't even make such items. Where as here, its all Wheat. The second distinguishable difference in Food of the two region are the spices used. In Assam, its like negligible spice, but here in Delhi, even a simple dal is filled with spices, which an Assamese housewife would have used in a months time.
Rice, the staple food

Anyways, whenever anyone comes to the North from the East, they start liking the food here, maybe because of the change in the taste. There are also many who generates a dislike, but in the case of me, I developed a serious liking for it. I started having rotis, almost every meal, and having my mom making me eat rice forcefully every morning saying that Wheat is not good, I seriously derived much pleasure having Rotis.   
But this act of mine, made me pay a lot. Pay financially and also physically. Excessive consumption of Rotis and other wheat stuff and other spicy items led me to serious stomach problem, with intestine infection. And now I am leading a life,where I have only confine myself to boiled foods
Boiled potatoes 

Once you change the whole system of food all of a sudden, it becomes very difficult for the body to adapt to it. You start having stomach troubles, that might even lead to stomach ulcers. At this point of time comes handy, our good old Boiled Food. They help you clean the digestive system and keep you disease free, and being low fat content, there is no risk of being fat.
I know, this was a stupid post, I just need to show my gratitude towards all the people who suggested me Boiled stuff, and I am now recovering from a stomach ulcer problem, after spending sleepless nights. I would just like to warn the new comers from Assam to Delhi, Don't go in the flow of the taste of the food, avoid  too spicy items, and if possible, have boil one time a day. 
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  • Monday, August 06, 2012
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