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Even God Adjusts Here!!

There has always been something appealing about the narrow lanes of Delhi. When I first came here as neoteric school student, I always used to avoid those dark patches of road. I feared that I might get lost in the shadowy lanes and loose my self. But little did I learn that the real life of the city resides in these dark lanes. 
I came from an terrain, where people used to force you to choose a path that is always enlightened. And I imitated exactly what they said. I never bothered to learn what lies behind those dark horizons. But as I explored the city, I did learn one thing, 'Even God adjusts here, So who am I'. 
In life we always pretend to be someone who we are not. Just as I am writing these as a creative writer, but nowhere in my genes and skill do I have something called creative. Similarly, I neglected these dark patches because I considered myself an inheritor of some thing bright, lusty, brittle. 
But the real life starts when you see how people live in almost unlivable conditions, and turn up doing things that seldom people sitting in the AC's do. I went through the lanes of Munirka, and some lanes of Moti Bhah Village. People say that its six months night in the polar reasons. But here I take you to certain places where even artificial light fails to light them up the entire year. And the best, people still resides in it, and have been living their life quite content fully.
Narrow lanes, Dark Paths

Sometimes I come across certain places where temples are being made, right next to the washing place or the business place. The god is asked to adjust to the conditions of the area, its like, "Sorry, we have a shortage of land, so please share the temple land with us" . So after having realized how people actually stay in these areas, how can you dare to boast about your posh living conditions, which is not even earned by you, but being taken granted from your parents. 
This is not a sudden realization, but there has been certain gradual changes in my life that has taught me such a valuable lesson. 
Darkness doesn't mean the end of life, but it teaches us further more than the usual domains of life. Just like a post of light acts as a pillar of hope for a thousand insects, similarly we too have to see life in a new perspective. 

Dark Sky and a slight Hope

I know the whole post seems a little misleading, but this actually reflects a confusion in my mind. Should I bow before the hardships, where even the almighty have decided to compromise, so should I let myself go along with the flow, and leave it to him to decide where I end up.
But for now. I will just say, these dark roads have surely been my inspiration of life and work.   


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