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Being Jealous

We Indians are very fond of getting ‘Jealous’, and I suppose almost everyone in the country, in fact subcontinent grows this innate feeling Jealousness, that ultimately leads to their growth or downfall. The last two words of the second line explain the whole story, a bit of jealousness is always healthy for competition, but excess might throw you out of the league.   

An important fact about being jealous is that, we usually generate the feeling to someone very close to us. Close in the sense that someone who is nearest to competition with us. No wonder, how advancement Germany makes, we don’t care, but if Pakistan moves a step ahead of us we get utterly jealous. We don’t care if some X’s son clears IIT, the moment your neighbors son achieves the same feat you start cooking your son in a pressure cooker.
In fact, if you have noticed in a class, sometimes the topper is quite free and friendly with the lowest ranker of the class, but with the second rank, he might have a pretty decent relationship. You may find people you know getting into relationship every day, but the day your best friend gets into one, you feel sad. You don’t actually feel sad, but you feel jealous.
I suppose two of the greatest hurdles in front of India’s goal of being a developed nation are ‘Corruption’ and ‘Jealousness’. We Indians get jealous very often, and this leads us to the self destruction mode. Many of us cannot see other doing better than us. This feeling is inside very one of us. The only difference is that some can restrict this only to a feeling, while others bring it out as action. And once this becomes action. Someone is sure to be harmed.
The root before all the communal violence and riots or other killings is ‘jealousness’. People feel jealous seeing other religion more in power. Or feel jealous of the advancement of the mentality of certain people, or jealous seeing other communities doing better than theirs. In politics, parties are always jealous of each other’s powers.
So the point is, life seems much simpler, if we replace the word contentment with jealousness. Though a bit of it is always required as an important ingredient of being successful. But having more of it further reduces the horizon of development. India is burning, fueled by the feeling of jealousness. So people, we might not be able to stop the politicians from being corrupt, but surely can stop ourselves from being jealous.  


  1. Yeah, one feeling we all deny ourselves of...but is inherent in all sentient beings. There'll always be a person who's achieved something more than you. I don't think you can be quite free of jealousy, try as you might, but then you face a choice. You either stay jealous, or you take it as an inspiration to climb higher, and someday reach to the heights of that person.

  2. I am now 24, and all alone because everyone has only one feeling for me, jealousy! They have a problem because I have a job, because I am a guitarist and a singer, now they just cant withstand the fact that I have become slimmer and attractive by losing a lot of weight,and It doesnt disappoint me when they become furious when they see that girls like me a lot now,.. well I used to say 'fuck off' earlier but it's getting hard everyday, because I am really emotional inside and tired of fighting these motherfuckers!

  3. Jealously like happiness and grief is an emotion that we living beings go through.It is rightly there for a reason,only we should be aware of its purpose.When you are jealous if you actually analyze as to why you are jealous of a particular person or religious community etc,you can get to the root cause of your feelings and begin to better your situation or improve it.Sometimes analyzing will also put things in perspective,and make you understand that you are in a better position than others despite their achievements or whatever it is that is causing you to be jealous.Just be true to your conscience and do what is right all the time,then the green eyed monster that raises it's head to destroy people and relationships will have no place in your heart.

  4. but why the jealousy face look like michelle obama though?


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