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The Spirit of the City: Guwahati

This girl molestation incident of Guwahati has brought the city into the lime light of the Nation. Every other people of the country, some of which have never heard the name of the city before are actually busy commenting upon the safety of girls over here and are actually claiming that Guwahati has been the hub of all molestation and rapes of the country.

How insane can be that? Let it be very clear, Guwahati is the home of some of the most broad minded people in the country. I can still scream that with proud that unlike Delhi, NCR and Uttar Pradesh, where crimes are committed wide open and people hardly stand up, in Guwahati we had a mass uprising against the culprits and people are actually protesting and making a mark, even after knowing the fact that some of the hooligans have serious political backings. Can anyone in UP or Bihar stand up against the Gundas there? In Assam we do dare to do such.
It is also a true fact that compared to the incidents in the some other areas of the country , the number of such in Assam or Guwahati is quite negligible. But, it would take a long time for the mass to understand as the national media has projected the issue as such that this molestation is a common day phenomenon in Guwahati.
But what actually the media had not focused in an appropriate manner is the attitude of the Assamese community towards the incident. How really the people of the state, particularly the youths reacted to it. 
I question the citizens of the country, where in India have you actually seen people putting up hoardings mentioning the name as well as the photograph of the criminal and asking them to be punished. We have done in Assam. 

Put up in Public, the culprits

There has been so many rape incidents in Bangalore,Delhi and Mumbai, but how many times has there been a protest march against the rapists? And if yes, how many people have joined it.
Look at us, no one is behind, every body is actively condemning the incident. Even the students and youths have taken solo lead in protesting against the the injustice towards the girl.
Active involvement of student in the protest

There has been various instances where the spirit of Mumbaikars or Delhights have been mentioned. But we the Guwahatians are not any less. The way people are reacting, protesting and supporting, it is truly commendable. 
The culprits have been banished from the society and have been dealt with utter strictness. So don't we deserve some support from the nation. Isn't it true that the spirit of the city should be saluted? The citizens of Guwahati has made the authorities act. How many times have actually an uprising made any differences in the probe of a case?
This is Guwahati, though people are calling us unsafe and shameful, but the deeds of the residents have surely made it up that, more than all the devils, humans live here, and no devil can rule here just as they do in other parts of the country.

Salute the City


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