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An Ode to the Photographer

I never sought to be a photographer and nor do I have any intentions of being one. But what I always want to be is a true patron of those awesome photographers who have made a difference in the way you perceive your view on a particular subject.
It has been quite some time now that, I have been browsing through the captures of some of the best known photographer of my region, and must I say, they are really doing a superb job.

It has not been long since I started my life in the beautiful paradise of Assam, but in these 19 years of my life, I have been through some of the most spectacular views of the state. But you feel a difference, when you view something which has always been in front of your eyes and you have never really put any attention into it; but all of a sudden someone around you present it before you in much different perspective than what you think of it.
Have you ever felt the difference of viewing something naked eye and the same through a lens? The differences in both the cases totally reciprocate each other.
A view of a dustbin located in your society can be totally turned around by a photograph. You can add beauty to one of the most disgusting looking view ever.
Just like a painter adds color to his imaginations. A photographer adds beauty to something that is already created (it might also be otherwise, but I am talking optimistic, I prefer to stay with the word beauty).

Certain photographers have really made a mark in my mind. I would not like to mention their name as I fear some might get offended if I exclude theirs. But for all those, who have got into me this realization of beauty through their captures. I thank you from the core of my heart.
A beautiful picture helps to calm down our mind. This might seem little related to Environmental Psychology, but even if you happen to be in a dry area, and happen to see a beautiful picture of greenery, you feel somewhat relieved. You feel calmness. A picture of someone meditating brings in peace in you. This is the power of photography.
Have a look at a picture of violence, and try to sleep peacefully. I bet you won’t be able to do so. As a picture imprints its message in your mind.
This is just thanks to all those photographers, who have brought peace into my mind. A thanks to the photographers who have helped me rediscover the beauty of my region. A thanks to the photographers who have enhanced the proud of the region.  

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  • Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Amlan Amlan Author


  1. Lovely post... quite a reasonable analysis.

    Arvind Passey

  2. Ummm. nicely written.
    But I must disagree on the title. An ode is a lyrical verse. But what you have written is a paragraph on photographers.

    1. I do agree to the fact that an ode is generally a lyrical verse. But what I actually meant by the word here is a 'Thanks'.

      Anyway, thanks for the review on Indiblogger.

    2. anyday..!!


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