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What should a NE Student do to avoid Discrimination

Every time any incident of discrimination against the people from the North East occurs in any part of the country, the net is flocked with massages of condemnation and protest.  People take out protest rallies, burn candles or participate in sit-in-demonstrations. But every time after some of such hype, people forget everything and again such discrimination continues. So in the end what actually happens is that family of the victim remains deprived of justice and puts the life of another innocent NE’ian in danger. So until we go for something more than just protest and rallies, we will not be able to get what we actually want. It would be very unorthodox and illogical if I speak of violence against violence, yet in some corner in my mind I feel that this is right, but abiding by the social norms, I will not talk of this. Instead I will write of some of the things which every student from North-East should abide by when ever go out of the region to study:

1. Never allow the locals or students of other parts to be dominant on you, right from the first day. Don’t get grow your dominance totally upon them, but maintain a limit where you all are placed in equal position. This will diminish the chance of discrimination against you.

2. You know you are smarter than the rest, so don’t allow the screen of shame to shadow you smartness. People tend to support the smarter people, so you will gain support hence people will have less chance of discrimination.

3. Always make a aggregation of some of people from the same region in your nearby area, the 7 states of the NE region are the only states in India with high unity and you find ample amount of NE people everywhere, so if you stay united with them then no one would be able to touch you.

4. Always think about your own strength and about their weaknesses, this would psychologically affect you. And remind the opposition about our advantage over them only to a certain limit, an ample amount of psychological demoralization reduces their superiority complex over us.

5. Take pride in the fact that you are from North East, remove your inferiority complex and always try to make them realize that we know more about the county then what they do, which is no doubt the truth.

These are some of the facts which I believe every NE student should abide by to prevent themselves from being discriminated. There stereotype people will not change on their own, so we have to make them change, we have to make them realize their actual position.

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  • Thursday, May 03, 2012
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