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My Craziness: Ink Pens

Ever since my childhood I have always had something for pens . A beautiful pen would always make me feel write correct. Though it might feel bit absurd, rather abnormal that, until and unless I am not comfortable with the pen, I can’t write. I virtually give the shopkeeper a night mere whenever I am in hunt for a new pen. I don’t know if it is my obsession or sheer association that I am always concerned about the pens I have and seldom I lend them to anyone.
Though I have used numerous pens as of yet; here I meant to say that I have used various verities of pen, but one type has always been my favorite and I feel most of the true lovers of writing too feel the same, it is the ink based pens.

I stated using pen in Class IV, that is about 8 years back, and the happiness I got using my first ink pen on my copy was something very different. The first pen I used was a Chinese ink pen used by my mother in late 1970’s (This marks the influence of Chinese goods in India so long back). But unlike the Chinese goods these days, the pen was awesome and no wonder shaped my handwriting very well. I always say that a good pen makes my handwriting look wonderful, but a bad one does exactly the opposite. Though this might seem abnormal, but this is true. I remember, once during my Hindi exam in Class V, the pen I got was so awesome that my handwriting was like caricature. I heard my teachers discussing about my writing, which surely pleased me.
Never the less, ink pens have always been placed in a different positing then others. No wonder how advance the technology reaches and brings out zombie like pens, they can never replace the elegance and class of an inked pen. The market is flooded with new High-Tech and luxurious pens, but the one who have used inked pens like Wingsung and Hero will know what the real joy of writing is. The classiness that comes the moment you use a ink pen is something very royal. Whatever you write, write it once with a ball point pen or gel pen and the next time with a good ink pen, you will feel the difference.
Though it’s a shame on my part that though I am such a big patron of the inked instrument, but at the in my day to day life I use a ball pen, but this doesn’t signify that I can’t use inked pens for everyday writing, I don't use but I will start using it again. The last time I got a Wingsung pen, it cost me around 25 bucks, so the prices can be higher now. But the pleasure of writing with such a pen is priceless and unexplainable.
Ink pens are always suggested to the first time pen users, because it improves your grip and control of handwriting, so using an ink pen can help us improve our writing.  Chinese inked pens are very classy and perform the purpose turning your handwriting into jewel very efficiently. The handling of nib teaches us about the optimum pressure that must be exerted while writing and thus using a inked pen is a all round benefit. I have been crazy for ink pens for quite long time, and I can say that the use of same has helped me keeping my handwriting quite recognizable till now and once in a blue moon some people praise it too.

PS:  This is my personal opinion, and nowhere I have said that other pens are not well enough, so please don’t question me about my obsession.

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