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Fun @ Lower Assamese 'Biyya' (Wedding)

Attending a lower Assamese Wedding is always a fun, no wonder even if the audience is dull, yet the rituals will surely entertain you. And particularly when you are in Nalbari, no doubt entertainment is guaranteed. The Assamese ‘Juron’ which is performed the day before wedding comes unusually late if you are in Nalbari, you can expect timings as late as 10 in the night for the arrival. Thus the fun begins late in the night.
The Tent half constructed

What actually is very fascinating about marriages in the rural Assam is that, now wonder how rich you are and number many resources you have, it is ultimately the local neighbours and  relatives who end up arranging everything. The tent wallas hardly have anything to do, the boys of the family and the neighbouring friends complete it all. And forget about the much demanded restura cooks, it is one of you long related uncles who turns out to be the head cook, well supported by the ladies of the family and their talk-mates nearby. The sister or brother of the bride or groom with their respective friends performs the role of beautician while some newly-wed uncles and aunties act as advisers. So ultimately, who of the marriage can be termed as a joint family and friends exercise just as the Army and the Navy exercise together.

Domestic Cooks in action

They typical Biya naams has always been very fascinating part of the marriages of Assam, when the thing comes to lower Assam, the lyrics and the tones will for sure drive you crazy. I tried recollecting some of the lyrics, but believe me they were so wired that I couldn’t get my imagination close to the reality. Never the less, it’s a real fun to attend such a marriage.
The village crowds again a thing to watch out for. People dressed in their best available dresses throng the wedding home, as if there has been a Mela there, in fact the wedding is no less than a Mela. Unlike the city invitees, where only a part of the 4 member family attend the function. In a village, even the distant relatives of the invitees don’t hesitate to be a part of the gathering. And such the number of approximated guests usually surpasses the calculated no by hundreds. But yet there is no shortage of food and other such resources. This makes the event a well managed and planned event. This is the real fun of a village marriage, what the high end wedding planners of the metros cannot do, the family and neighbors of a simple village completes in utter accuracy.
Me alongside the crowd 

No wonder, with the contribution and blessing of whole of the community the wedding is completed. And rarely have I seen that there has been after marriage complicacies. But no wonder, all I can is that I have really enjoyed the typical lower Assamese village weddings. And this has surely added a lot yo my management and analytical skills.  
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  • Saturday, April 28, 2012
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