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Congratulations You are SINGLE

I usually don't write this kind of stuff, but after having experienced various relationship related traumas of my friends, mind it, its my friends not me, I am compelled to share my thought. Once there was a time, when in our friends circle, we used to search for a guy who was into a relationship, but with time as trend changes, currently it happens so that we look for absolutely the opposite. Now we look for a guy, who is single and hail his luck. 

With the advent of time, just as it has changed our life style patterns, the so called 'rules and regulations' of relationship has also been altered to a lot of extent. As the popular saying goes, 'Girlfriends and Boyfriends now a days can touch each other but can't touch each others Cell phones'. Whoever said this, must have the wisest and the most sensitive man of the century. With each other, couple share a different life, while away without each other, they are some one different. But the real problem starts when when either of them refuse to compromise with their individual lives and the best is that, they hide their separate their identities. The best or rather worst thing about the current age relationships is that, that couples claim to be in the closest possible relationships but they hide their their most important facts from each other, rather they share a fake their closeness even with each other. I really don't want to complain about the ego problems of the present age couples.

One honest suggestion to all my unlucky readers, mind it, its unlucky because, you are reading my blog not because you are and no offences. Well back to point, 'Grass is always green on the other side.' So don't be in a perception that people in a relationship are happy (applicable if you are single) and the vice verse for those committed. It all about ho compromising or dominating you are. It is now a mandatory that one of the member in a relationship must be a compromising one, and if it doesn't happen so better be single. I am not gonna strain myself more and end my writing here, as writing about a noble relationship is the hardest task ever to be accomplished.   
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  • Sunday, March 25, 2012
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