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The Burden of a Generation Ahead: A Self Portrait

Its not always about having an inferiority complex, but sometimes it do happens so that circumstances arise such that you in spite of being well aware that you are better than the other person, start having an inferior feeling. It has been quite of time for be to be friends with the present generation of some of the most well known and prominent families of the state, and when you come into a close association with such people and start discussing family achievements and history, no matter how big achievement you have, you ought to feel a bit small.
It is usually said that, its is all your hard  work that matters in the long term, but in a real sense, you need something inherited. What is actually common to all the successful tycoons of the present age, its that all of them had someone back in the history setting up everything to have a luxurious life of the forthcoming generations, and the only thing they had to do is expand their horizon. It happens to be quite a dis-satisfactory feeling if you are not mentally strong enough to live with a feeling that, you are one who have to set the bench mark for the entire generation ahead.
The burden of having an the future of the entire generation at your stake. Apart form being the most intellectually active member of the society you also need to be the most mentally strong and the luckiest inherited member of the family. You become the foot setter of whole family, as you do all the firsts in the family.  It becomes immensely pressurising when you are constantly reminded about your fate and responsibilities. 

Sometimes I do feel that you should always befriend with people of your own strata or lower, as you feel the demoralizing effect staying with them, but again at the same time another thought knocks my mind, to do something big, you should start everything big. You need resources. And this is mistake, I believe my parents repent about, allowing me to be in company of some of the high socio-economic as well as well resourced friends. This is so because my demands have grown big too, some of which they can't even dream of. And the worst, me after realizing the fact, even can't resist my temptations.
At this point of time, I have the urge of being someone who make their name in the history, while in reality I am drowning into the pool of destruction. What went wrong for me is actually too early for me to be confirmed, But I do have a regretting feeling of not having a background which is not that prominent enough. Yet, I dream to be someone who can be named later in the generation to be someone.
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  • Saturday, March 31, 2012
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