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Motivation, Satisfaction and Aspiration: The important ingredients for a Successful Life

This other day I met this guy ‘Darshan’, a young dashing boy with humble smile, healthy physic and above average looks and above all, a boy with exceptional marketing skills. Going by the description of him, most of us would paint a image of he being a young and successful businessman. Indeed he was, young and successful, but in his own dimensions. He was the owner of the most successful Pan-Shop owner of the whole of A-Block, Janakpuri, something of which he is quite proud of. Falling to the prey of my old habit of chit chatting with random persons, I developed a good communication with this guy. In due course of one of our conversations, I asked him, ‘You got a hell lot of age ahead, aren’t you thinking of something bigger than this pan shop?’ Well, before asking him this, I did acknowledge him to be great business boy as he was very successful in pulling up his father’s business of selling death (cigarettes) to a new high.  His reply was, ‘I can’t stay submissive to anyone, I am happy here, my dad has given me his well set business and I will work here.’ That was a satisfactory reply, and I agree to him, but as I went with the flow of the conversation and asked about his future plans of his business, about its up gradation and expansion, his reply thereafter quite disappointed me. He said, ‘I come here before the world wakes up and leave when the world sleeps, there is work all day, so there is no time for me to think of any future plans. I am happy how it is.’ This clearly implies lack of motivation in his life.
What I inferred from this small conversation with Darshan was that, motivation and aspirations both have a deep connection. Your desires grow only if you are motivated. This guy has no aspirations as he is least motivated, maybe due to lack of education or due to fault upbringing. It can be easily inferred from his talks that, he is forced to make a mindset that, he is satisfied and he can’t go any further.  Well satisfaction is very hard to achieve and you need it to lead a happy life. But what actually more important is to know when to be satisfied. It’s like putting full stop, you can put it anywhere in a sentence, it is grammatically correct, but you need to put it actually when the sentence ends as it brings out meaning. Similar is in case of life, you need to be satisfied, but you need to learn when to be satisfied. When you have the potential to go further, but you stop satisfied to a small success, then what I believe is clearly a waste of god’s gift and your talent.  
What actually you need in getting to success, going beyond what you are to what actually you should be is Motivation. Motivation-The most important difference between a successful and a working man, note, its working, not unsuccessful man. If I am asked to define motivation, I would say, it is the catalyst that brings out success from your work. You might not like doing a certain job, yet you continue doing it for a long time and sustain a healthy livelihood, people may say that you are successful in that job, but if you do not get the inner peace by completing that job and have to do only because only because you consider it your duty, then you can’t consider yourself successful, no matter what the world says. To be successful, you must be motivated, being motivated helps you to love your job and complete it to perfection and help you to aspire for more.
What you need to be motivated is a motivating agent. This can be anything; from a simple lifeless object to someone you love and care about. As for me, what actually motivates me to write more and more, to be honest is the response of the readers.  It’s not that there can be a single motivating factor, there might be infinite. Sometimes a simple event might actually be a motivating factor in your life. Think of the way in a positive way and get a motivating factor, learn to understand your limits and be satisfied in appropriate way. There are millions of incidences teaching you to be satisfied with what you have and never over expect, but there are none which teaches you the right limit of satisfaction. Just have faith in your abilities; you will know when to be satisfied.  Having known this, you would have the achievable aspirations, which will actually lead to success.  
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  • Friday, February 10, 2012
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  1. From the topic itself---- Motivation, Satisfaction and Aspiration: The important ingredients for a Successful Life--- Its clear that all the three needs to be inside u to make it more meaningful. Its true that different ppl gets gets the above three from different things buts if its inside u its better. Regarding the pan wala--Just see how self motivated he is.... is proved from the sentence that he opens the shop before everyone wakes up n closes...... is really a inspiring sentense in itself. And whole article somehow deals with the same..... and the best part is.......

    Its good to read it.....Continue madi....

  2. Really thanks or regularly reading my blogs..This really inspires me.


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