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Life of an Aquarium Fish: An important lesson for Humans

Living a life of a fish in an aquarium would probably be the most depressing task of any human being. Ever imagine be locked in a 100X100X100 cm3 glass cage all throughout without having any privacy nor any source of recreation, just because you are a source of elegance and beauty . This would feel pretty annoying isn’t it?  Yeah, if we compare the situation of that beautiful golden fish in an aquarium in context to human beings, i.e. with a prisoner in a jail, we find the human counterpart in a much better position than the fish. Both of them are isolated from their societies, the difference being only that one is considered a pest in the lot while the other is the best among the lot. Pretty sarcastic right. If we considered the fish equivalent to any other human being, imagine the height of injustice done towards him.
A few days back, I was here in this Hair Spa in Janak Puri, it had a beautiful aquarium at one end of its waiting gallery. As I waited for my turn, I focused my attention towards the one of fishes swimming there. As I had to wait for a long time and was bored, so I actually decided to get a bit imaginative and tried to figure out, what the fish might think about its life if provided with a human heart and vocabulary power. What I could figure out about what it would think might be something like this:

“Every morning I wake up in the same place and loiter around the same 1000000 cm3 water. With no space for recreation or slight innovation, every day I live a Xerox of the previous day. It’s the same food I get every day and same amount of oxygen. Be it sunny outside or rainy, cold or warm, all I could feel is the same water around me every time. Can a life be more pitiful that this, even the dogs at the homes get an evening walk, and me only 1000000 cm3 of fresh water changed every 2 weeks.  The other pets can complain by making noise or showing aggression, but me...The only thing I can do is move around rapidly, pleading the owners to set me free. But my lords misinterpret my movement to something worth of beautification.  They can flaunt in front of the world...oh look at my aquarium, how healthy fishes I have.
My situation here is generally compared to a person in jail for a false crime. But though similar, there is a lot of difference in both of the cases. The person is put into the jail considered a pest destroying the surrounding, though he is not and me; I am put into this water filled cage as I am something that beautifies the surrounding. This is the difference, one is locked isolated from the rest and other is locked to be with the rest. This is how I spend whole of my life inside that transparent cage. Not being sorrow about a life that lacks freedom of anything but being happy as how me being restricted can beautify and enhance the beauty of the human kind. The only regret I carry is, if I can be of so much value inside this 100X100X100 cm cage, how efficient would I have been if I were set free in a open ocean. But never mind, I am happy how I am and what I am able to do.”  

So, what can actually be concluded about from this; every day at least once we complain about our lives being the worst of all, but we never tend to think about how worse out life can be that what actually it is. If we regret about the our life, then no matter how much happiness we get, we will still be unhappy, but if we try to find positivity in our miserable life, even though there might not be many. I can assure you well that, life will be lot more easy that it actually is and you will get ample inner peace that you expect. 

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  • Friday, February 24, 2012
Amlan Amlan Author


  1. Wow Bro.... Very well thoughout article..... I seriously believe in the same.... However small it is..... one should always be positive and be happy.....n see the positive side in everything...

  2. Hey! seem to be a regular reader of my blog..Thanks for all your support :)

  3. awsome ,fantastic,realistic and great change my way of looking at life...truly it has brought a change in me..thank you for this..

  4. That's very kind of you! It was just a thought of mine, which I penned down.

  5. Wonderfully written with excellent philosophical thought and great presentation.


    1. Yeah! I have read that many times before, that's a scientific approach to whole of the concept, here I have put in a philosophical approach of life by giving it the example of fish's life

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with you. You give voice to the petite, small and helpless creatures, the iridescent wonders of oceans. They may not have superior intellect, but no doubt, their consciousness dwells on far away oceans and blue seas. Great job you're doing, I hope human beings start developing sensibilities before long.....before we start doing this with fellow humans....


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